It has been a very fun and exciting weekend. We had a company party on an amazing luxury party bus. If you are ever in Hawaii or are here and want to party the island, contact They have the newest, modern, and baddest party busses on the island of Oahu. I just had to give them a plug because they deserve it.

Anyway, we had food and drinks on the bus that our boss ordered for the party. He ordered “regular” food that regular people eat (I guess it was a price thing). And of course, being on a strict diet he was nitpicking his food and really watching what he threw down his stomach.

It was until we stopped at a beautiful Haleiwa beach to take a dip into the blue Hawaii beach, I saw him eat an ice cream that he bought from one of the vendors out here. Shocked because I knew he was on a very strict diet and trying to drop weight.

I confronted him about him cheating on his diet. But he said he wasn’t cheating – it is his diet. Eating fat is a part of his diet.

Confused, because it is so counterintuitive to what I understood. When I dieted, I strictly stayed away from fats. That’s what I learned, so that’s what I did.

He explained to me:

If you want to lose weight, you must incorporate fat into your diet. It sounds counterintuitive but fat is an essential part of what our bodies need. That is why it is part of our food pyramid.

When you cut out fat completely from your diet, what your body does is it “craves for the needed fat. And since you are not giving your body the wanted fat, it stores the minerals from the next thing closest to fats which is carbohydrates. When your body does that, in effect it inhibits or makes it hard for you to lose the weight because of either the effects of carbs retaining water and the storage of it in your body. Carbohydrates are also harder to burn off, so that’s why it’s harder for people to lose weight when either excessive amounts of carbs are taken in and/or fat isn’t incorporated in your diet.

Well, lesson learned.

He explained that he hit a plateau when following mainstream or fad diets out there where it says to stay away from fats as much as possible. He tried low/no carbing, to vegetarian, to vegan, to zone diets all for no results and just a loss of time. Even with a good workout routine, very little or no weight loss occurred. In fact he even gained weight! It was until he started eating fats from various sources, healthy and unhealthy types, he then started to shed the weight he wanted and finally hit his goal.

Who would have thought eating fat will help you lose weight. Apparently the majority doesn’t think so.

In all, I learned something new once again from my boss’s weight loss chronicles. Eat fat, lose weight. Seems simple enough…right?!

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