Straight up, in my opinion, theĀ gluten free diet, is just another diet fad and another angle to market. It’s like having home cleaners clean in bikinis, it sells.

There isn’t definite proof that my boss’s weight loss was due to cutting out the actual gluten.

If gluten is cut out of one’s diet, the choices of food would be very limited. A gluten free diet would consist of basically vegetables, fruits, and proteins. So, gluten would force a person on a gluten free diet to eat healthier all together.

And another thing that skews by boss’s weight loss results is his calorie counting practices as well as working out. Those are already two factors that more than likely resulted in his weight loss. So, it’s hard to isolate the gluten free diet as being the definitive reason for his results.

In the process of switching majority of our menu items and ingredients to gluten free, the marketing efforts seems to be working. Customers began to ask what is gluten. And after hearing a brief description of what gluten is, the rapport is positive and they are even more happy to eat our food.

I conclude that it is mainly a psychological thing. Just because it’s free of something, it justifies their urge to indulge even more.

It’s like ordering a regular plate lunch take out plate of garlic chicken with a tossed green salad on the side. The tossed green salad makes it okay for the person to overindulge and eat more. The green salad makes the whole plate healthy in their minds.

“It has green right? It must be healthy?…Add a diet soda and ohh, I can have dessert!”

A gluten free diet is a irrational rationality. A marketing scheme that probably rooted and grown from the actual 10% of the population that is extremely allergic to gluten. Because of their extreme condition, paranoia over gluten perhaps spread and hence the gluten free diet fad is born.

Humans have been eating gluten products way before our time. Some culture’s diets only consists of foods that contain gluten and some of their age expectancies are phenomenal.

But my opinion is not the end all debate of gluten. Do your own due diligence and find out for yourself to draw you own conclusions.

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