So far, with these diet talks and weight loss theories, I’m starting to realize as I do my due diligence is that what the mass population think and believe about diet, diet fads, and weight loss practices, the truth is usually opposite of what the popular belief is. It’s quite interesting.

A perfect example is the gluten free diet trend that is going on. And ironically, we are making a major switch to making majority of our recipes gluten free. My boss swears by the benefits of a gluten free diet. He had experimented with it and has had positive results. He says that he feels that he has more energy, foods are easier to digest resulting in weight loss, his hair is growing out more, cravings for junk foods has subsided, along with other benefits that I can’t remember at the moment.

It is all good, but my question was – is it really because of his gluten free diet that’s getting him these results?

I did my due diligence and came across several videos. I took in all of the information with an open mind and came to my own conclusion. I’ll go ahead and let you form your own opinions and conclusions first and I’ll share with you my synopsis on my next post.

Here’s the 3 videos on gluten that I initially watched:

Come back for my synopsis in part 2 of this gluten free series!

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