As you can conclude from my previous post, GMO foods while appearing to be a solution for shortages of food, hunger in less wealthier countries, conserving natural resources, etc., as they say, GMO foods are not actual food. I’ve touched on it being just empty calories. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look a little deeper down the rabbit hole of GMO…

If this video disturbed you a bit, good. You should be disturbed.

As you  have seen, nature, no less food, are not meant to be modified like how genetically modified organism foods are. It is our strong belief that “Mother Nature” is perfect in maintaining life here on Earth. How ever food has been made naturally are more than likely  exactly what we need. There is no need to engineer food.

There is one aspect, one way of thinking that causes all of this – one mentality, one trait. It’s not even related to food. It’s more fundamental than that. One mindset that causes people to create harmful things like GMO foods – it’s greed.

If you lack understanding, come back soon to understand how GMO foods are a product of greed.

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