I currently work at a restaurant in Hawaii as a general manager. The owner, my boss, has been on this diet and food craze recently. For the past month there hasn’t been a day that he hasn’t talked about his newly found diets, experiments, and knowledge of how bad mainstream “commodity” foods are for us.

Our food conversations now a days consists of phrases that consists of gmo, msg, gluten, gluten free, aspartame, grass fed, corn fed, free range, mad cow disease, for money, for profit, food glue, organic…and so on. Don’t worry, keep coming back to this blog and I’ll make sense of it all.

I used to meddle and research about food back when I was on a diet several years ago, in which it paid off. I lost over 60 pounds with the knowledge of food, diet, and exercise. But, my boss has taken it to a whole other level with his rants and raves about foods, diet, exercise, health, etc. It’s one of the reasons why I created this blog, to organize my old and newly found knowledge and share it with the world.

It’s ironic, because his restaurant serves everything that he preaches is bad for us! Which is the reason why we are making the change to organic.

It’s going to be a challenge and a huge price increase. I am beginning to understand why it is so expensive to eat healthy.

Stay tuned and you’ll begin to connect the dots yourself. Stay organic my friends!

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