Until now, soft drinks, soda, pop, or whatever you want to call it, is known to most food conscious people to be just empty calories. Meaning all nutritional value, well lack there of, you get from soda is the calories. You barely get any vitamins and minerals when drinking soda, which is one of the reasons why it’s really not good for you.

With GMO foods, genetically modified organism foods, it takes those types of food to the same level as soda. From what was intended to be a solution to prevent the world from running out of food, is creating more problems.

GMO foods can be produced so quickly. On a daily basis I see Hawaii tow trucks hauling GMO produced foods throughout the island and to be shipped out throughout the world. So yes, it solves the problem of keeping up the world’s food supply needs.

But what people do not understand is nature wasn’t meant to be modified and sustained like that. You see, in order for plants to get it’s nutrients it needs soil. Plant based foods naturally gets its vitamins and minerals from soil. So when it takes that from the soil, we benefit from it when we consume it because our bodies needs those nutrients to stay healthy as well.

But with GMO seeds and foods, it doesn’t need soil to grow. So what is happening is the plant based foods are growing without being able to soak up that good stuff from the ground. They’ll grow GMO foods in soil but the soil does’t have to be good quality soil for it to grow like regular plant foods. Hence what you get is “soda” – empty calories. GMO foods looks, tastes, and smells like real food but without any essential nutrients that our bodies need in order to be healthy.

So what’s happening now is whole generations getting more and more nutrient deficient causing health problems. I know it may seem conspiratorial but it’s no wonder more and more health problems are manifesting throughout the populations. And it’s only just the tip of the iceberg, or shall we say “the GMO food pyramid”…

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