So far, with these diet talks and weight loss theories, I’m starting to realize as I do my due diligence is that what the mass population think and believe about diet, diet fads, and weight loss practices, the truth is usually opposite of what the popular belief is. It’s quite interesting.

A perfect example is the gluten free diet trend that is going on. And ironically, we are making a major switch to making majority of our recipes gluten free. My boss swears by the benefits of a gluten free diet. He had experimented with it and has had positive results. He says that he feels that he has more energy, foods are easier to digest resulting in weight loss, his hair is growing out more, cravings for junk foods has subsided, along with other benefits that I can’t remember at the moment.

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It has been a very fun and exciting weekend. We had a company party on an amazing luxury party bus. If you are ever in Hawaii or are here and want to party the island, contact They have the newest, modern, and baddest party busses on the island of Oahu. I just had to give them a plug because they deserve it.

Anyway, we had food and drinks on the bus that our boss ordered for the party. He ordered “regular” food that regular people eat (I guess it was a price thing). And of course, being on a strict diet he was nitpicking his food and really watching what he threw down his stomach.

It was until we stopped at a beautiful Haleiwa beach to take a dip into the blue Hawaii beach, I saw him eat an ice cream Continue reading ›

As you can conclude from my previous post, GMO foods while appearing to be a solution for shortages of food, hunger in less wealthier countries, conserving natural resources, etc., as they say, GMO foods are not actual food. I’ve touched on it being just empty calories. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look a little deeper down the rabbit hole of GMO…

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Until now, soft drinks, soda, pop, or whatever you want to call it, is known to most food conscious people to be just empty calories. Meaning all nutritional value, well lack there of, you get from soda is the calories. You barely get any vitamins and minerals when drinking soda, which is one of the reasons why it’s really not good for you.

With GMO foods, genetically modified organism foods, it takes those types of food to the same level as soda. From what was intended to be a solution to prevent the world from running out of food, is creating more problems.

GMO foods can be produced so quickly. On a daily basis I see Hawaii tow trucks hauling GMO produced foods throughout the island and to be shipped out throughout the world. So yes, it solves the problem of keeping up the world’s food supply needs.

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At the restaurant I work at we never use MSG. Key word is “use”. Or to properly phrase it, we never add MSG to our foods. So, it does’t mean the ingredients that we use don’t already contain MSG. In fact, there are many ingredients and foods that already have MSG added to it.

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate (sounds sexy huh, “glutamate” – I wonder why?), has a bad connotation to it with the majority of people, but why? We’ve never used it in our restaurant because we knew it was somehow bad for people. What we heard was that it caused high blood pressure, so we didn’t use it. Also, we did’t like the idea of being “fake” with our food by adding the flavor enhancer to our food.

But is it really a flavor enhancer as we, ourselves, believed it to be? Let’s find out:

With that said, it all starts to make sense now. Our belief of it causing people to get high blood pressure was partially correct (it was just the tip of the iceberg).

MSG is a pleasure enhancer much like what drugs such as Continue reading ›